Wednesday, May 13, 2009

... banana pecan muffins

i know, i know. i really need to work on eating my bananas before they turn black. it might seem, perhaps, that i let them go mushy on purpose.

toasted pecans

when using nuts in any baked goods, i always toast them first. even though the recipe did not specify it, these pecans were quite tasty toasted and then all chopped up and baked into these muffins.

banana pecan muffins

after perusing nearly every baking book i own for another good banana bread recipe (shockingly not in the mood for chocolate banana bread this morning), i found this simple one in beth hensperger's bread bible. i added some cinnamon to the streusel topping and increased the cinnamon in the cake. and, of course, toasted my nuts. i liked these muffins and would probably make them again: nice crunchy sugary top, very moist banana-y muffin.

muffin + moomin

it is a known fact that tea tastes best when sipped out of a moomin mug. it's true, go look it up!


  1. Hmmm...I didn't see the "hot now" sign on your door this morning or I would have come running for a muffin. Really...just start a bakery out of your kitchen. You could support yourself with just 16th Ave.

  2. thanks, jenn! maybe i should put a giant bell on our porch, like the ones they have on a ranch at the mess hall, and whenever there are hot baked goods i can signal to the street to come and get it.