Friday, May 8, 2009

... chocolate malted cupcakes

three cupcakes

it's no secret that i love cupcakes. mostly because cake, in general, just rules, but also because of the portability factor.


these are chocolate malted cupcakes, from the nigella lawson feast cookbook. her version is presented as one large cake and called the chocolate malteser cake. i instead poured the batter into muffin pans and cooked it about 5 minutes less than recommended. and used whoppers as cupcake toppers.

three cupcakes

the flavor is heavy on the malted, light on the chocolate, so you'd better really be into malt flavor if you make these cupcakes. i found the icing to be a bit chunky (and therefore not easily spreadable), which made these not-so-pretty, but that's okay because they were oh-so-tasty in the end.

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