Sunday, May 31, 2009

... remedy teas

peony and tea jars

my newest most favorite place in seattle is remedy teas. for the past several months, this has been my go-to place when i need to grade papers, read, work on book reviews, and whatever else is too hard to do with all the distractions at home.

tea vials

seriously, there are hundreds of teas. you can smell them all in the little vials on the wall, and those jars from the first pic house a gazillion varieties of black, green, white, oolong, red, and herbal teas. i've been working my way through the tea menu (black teas only for me) and have loved pretty much all of the ones i've had so far.


the best thing is they totally get tea but aren't super obnoxious about it (kuan yin, i'm totally looking at you). you get your pot of tea made with the correct temperature water, with a timer so you know when to stop steeping, and each table has a stand with a tea light to keep your tea warm in its lovely glass pot. my favorite part is you can pour yourself a little pitcher of cream or milk or soymilk to take to your table so you don't have to keep getting up to re-cream each cup. brilliant!

raisin toast

next to the tea, the best thing on the menu is the raisin toast.

raisin toast

i know, i know! how can toast be that good? perhaps they sprinkle crack on it. or maybe it's just that they know how to perfectly slice the bread, just thick enough that it's a hearty piece, but not so thick that it doesn't toast right. i get it with strawberry jam and butter. oh god, so good.

toast & jam

tea and a book

tea. toast. jam. book. heaven.

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