Saturday, May 9, 2009

... the white horse

white horse bartender

coming in second to the third place books pub as my first most favorite pub in seattle is the white horse. it's relatively hidden, tucked away in post alley in the pike place market. and it's tiny. seriously, really tiny. the few times i've been there, i've had to get there early-ish to claim a seat on one of the small, cozy, high-backed love seats.

feet on the couch

today my friend elizabeth (who brought me there my first time) and i spent a lovely afternoon walking around capitol hill and downtown, and then wound up at the white horse. they don't serve any food but you can bring your own in, so we got some slices at de laurenti and grabbed a couple of love seats.

pimm's cup at the white horse

they only serve beer and wine (you get a choice of white or red), but you can also get a pimm's cup. which, as all smart people know, is the best summertime drink in the whole world. theirs is a funky version, which involves fresh squeezed lemons (on an old fashioned squeezer), something poured from a pitcher, and topped with some red wine and a lemon slice. not the traditional pimm's cup i've had, but beyond delicious.

white horse horse

the decor is perfect british pub-style, and, keeping true to theme, there are paintings and photos of horses, along with the occasional horse lamp. none of it is kitschy. the bartender (and owner, i believe) wears a white button-up shirt, tie, and white apron, and can often be seen drying a glass with a hand towel, with no sense of irony at all.


good advice, no?

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