Tuesday, June 23, 2009

... the beach


i forget sometimes, living so close to the water, how much i love the beach. today, as we were walking down the beach at carkeek park, checking out the minus tide, and smelling the salty sea air (seriously, so salty!), i thought it's a crime that we don't go to the beach every day.


the salty, crunchy seaweed made me want sushi so bad. we stopped by the store and got a cucumber roll on the way home. i also love satiating cravings.


we were hoping to see some tidepools, but there were none to be found. just the occasional dead crab.

small crab


but the beach is full of little treasures no matter what the tide happens to be. i picked out the small greenish rock, c picked out the black rock. they look nice together, in all their barnacled goodness.

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