Saturday, June 27, 2009

... hosting book club

yes, i really do! i really do love it when it's my chance to host book club. i love the opportunity to give the house a super thorough cleaning, i love thinking and plotting about what food to make, and i love spending hours in the kitchen cooking up a storm. and, of course, i love having friends over for good discussion and good company.

proofed yeast

among other things, i made an onion fennel tart, an old favorite. the dough is made from scratch, natch.

eggs & oil


chopped up onions and fennel

that's a lot of chopped up onions and fennel!

onion and fennel tart

good thing it all cooked down enough to fit on my tart.


i also made devil's food cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting from the new martha stewart's cupcakes.


action shot!


i have to be honest. i had some frosting issues. it didn't quite set up properly and i wound up with a slightly grainy texture. it still tasted good, so i didn't feel bad about serving them. some chocolate shavings on top also helped to mask the less-than-perfect appearance.

cupcake top


  1. Now I'm even more sad that I missed it! Wah! --Gael

  2. We really missed you, too, Gael!