Monday, June 29, 2009

... the rotary auction, part 2

i do so love the little treasures i found at the rotary auction. i love that these are things that i didn't have to fight anyone for, that they spoke to me and, probably, me alone.


holy guacamole, look at that pile of scraps! only $2, for a jam-packed bag filled with some great little scraps. i'm thinking these will make a nice little log cabin quilt or somesuch.


a few larger bits of fabric picked out of the bins. i think these totaled about $1.50 altogether.

vintage sheets

pretty vintage sheet sets. only $2.50 each. will make lovely quilts someday.

the good cook series

i already have most of the books from the good cook series, but found three that i was missing. ooh, pies & pastries! fun! $1 for each book.


i don't know why, but this painting (yes, an actual painting, by someone named "jane" apparently) really called to me. i love the obvious amateurishness of it, and the wood frame is terrific. only $4 folks!


it is possible i may be the only person who likes these bird figurines/vases, but i have enough love for them to make up for everyone else's disdain. and each was just $1.

there were a few things i passed by and am now regretting just a little (an old globe, a stereo console that would have made a great table), but i can live without them, too.

plus, there's always next year.

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  1. You got some great finds! I'm also very drawn to the painting but I haven't yet figured out why.