Friday, June 12, 2009

... seeking perfection

in search of the perfect blue

looking for the perfect blue. it is for borders for my blocks on this quilt, which is really the only thing holding up progress at this point. the blue prints up there are the range of blues in the quilt. i have about half of the blocks bordered in a nice white linen, and was hoping to do half of them in a pretty aqua blue. but i don't have enough of the blue i picked out and i can't find anymore of it anywhere! (this is where i learn the valuable lesson of ordering all the fabric you need before it's too late!)

honestly, i really do like trying to find perfection. or at least come close. i have ordered so many solid blues online, and looked at so many in seattle's fabric stores, that i have enough to make one ginormous blue quilt at this point. but nothing seems to be just right.

i'm thinking of doing some of the rest of the borders in the original blue i wanted (second from the top of the stack), and doing some of them in the palest blue (third from the top). with the white bordered blocks i'm thinking it will give it a pretty, ocean-blue like effect, which is was i'm going for.

until i figure it all out, i'll probably keep moving fabric around, putting one next to another, putting it back again, and fussing happily until it all just seems right.



  1. You did try Pacific Fabrics right? There's the store in Northgate, but there's also some huge outlet store in Sodo (that I have never been to, but have heard that it's huge).

  2. I did try the Pacific Fabrics up at Northgate. I think that's the one you recommended, right? They had some lovely fabrics, but not the right blue. I haven't been to the sodo one yet. Actually, I did go there once many, many years ago with a friend, and all I can remember is that it is enormous!

    Are there any other fabric stores you go to? I've been meaning to try Undercover Quilts in the market, but I hear it's small.

  3. There's one in Renton that I go to sometimes (I think it's called "Pieces") - but only because I work nearby and it's close to the secret Indian restaurant. I've been to Stitches on Cap Hill, but they don't have much of a selection. There's the Sewing Basket on Queen Anne too. But that's pretty much it - I haven't found other places that have enough selection or that have anything remotely near the offerings that Pacific Fabrics has.