Tuesday, July 28, 2009

... being 35


seriously, i'm enjoying it so much that i haven't been thinking of taking pictures or blogging at all in the past week. but i had a beautiful time on my birthday last friday. i woke early to do a 1.2-mile swim in the lake with my favorite swimming buddies, and then later in the morning discovered a delicious birthday donut on my porch from a sneaky neighbor (thanks, jenn!).


i spent the rest of the day baking three kinds of cupcakes (mexican chocolate fudge pecan, coconut with cream cheese frosting, and chai-spiced chocolate--of which i have no documentation but my honest word) and having friends and family over for a backyard celebration. c cleaned up the yard and we strung up lights and homemade bunting and it was pure magic.


i only thought later to take pictures of anything. c thought to pick up the camera to get a shot of me and my sister and my mom sitting together. i'm happy he did.

mandy, me and mom

i felt truly lucky to have my good friends and my family to celebrate with me.

birthday pie

on sunday i got to have another birthday celebration with my croquet gang, as esther baked me a traditional dutch birthday pie. so delicious and so sweet (literally and figuratively)!

happy weekend indeed.

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