Wednesday, July 15, 2009

... book club (#2)

the greatest thing

this is technically my second book club, but that doesn't make it second in my heart. i adore my neighbors and i love our little neighborhood book club. for last night's meeting we read this sweet classic that i had never heard of, and jenn made us all feel welcome in her beautiful backyard with great food and wine and talk.

jenn's beautiful niçoise salad

i loved this giant platter of salade niçoise, which jenn seemed to throw together effortlessly and beautifully. perfect for a warm summer evening.

my plate

plate with book

and, as always, the conversation was stimulating, thoughtful, and fascinating. i love the variety of ideas in this group... there are frequently things discussed that i never would have thought of or considered.

book club peeps

book club peeps

book club peeps

book club peeps

good peeps, good times.

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