Friday, August 14, 2009

... my summerhouse pillow

summerhouse pillow

sometimes i feel like i'm stalking alicia paulson. just a little. in a good way. i can't help it that i'm in love with her patterns. and her blog. and her dog. (oh, how i want a corgi! or five!) and since i had such a great time sewing her jane market bag, i figured the summerhouse pillow would be just as awesome. and, yay, it was!


this was a new sewing challenge for me. can you believe i actually sewed piping on something? because i can't. and yet it totally worked out as promised. the pattern involves a neat way of sewing the patchwork together on interfacing that makes the whole process easy peasy. i chose to sew the smaller patchwork pillow so that i could use a bunch of the scraps from the $2 bag i got at the rotary auction last month. and i pretty much used only scraps from that bag, with just a few from my stash.

i'm supremely happy with the results, and am glad i picked up a second pillow form so that i can make another.


  1. i made a version of this too but without piping. you have inspired me to try! love this pillow and I want a $2 bag of scraps...

  2. thank you both very much! this pillow has been bringing me great happiness this summer.

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