Thursday, October 29, 2009

... baking things for other people

coconut rum cake

you are looking at a cake that i didn't eat at all. not one bite. and that's okay. because, as much as i bake, it's probably best not to partake in everything that comes out of my oven.*

this coconut rum cake was made, in fact, for the earthcorps auction last weekend. one of my awesome neighbors is on the earthcorps board, and requested a cake to be donated for their annual dessert auction, and i was more than happy to oblige. i have made this cake in the past, and knew it was pretty delicious, as long as you like coconut. and who doesn't like coconut?! crazy people, that's who!

coconut rum cake top

you may be noticing that not only is this cake topped with piles of delicious coconut, but that the coconut is fresh and hand shaved and toasted. yup, all done by me because of the love i have for earthcorps.

anyhow, earthcorps is awesome, and even if you didn't make it to their auction you probably want to give them money or volunteer, right? they have frequent volunteer opportunities in the seattle area, where you can help them restore native habitats or rip out invasive species, like english ivy or himalayan blackberry. fun! if i had some kind of sister-blog called "what ara jane hates," english ivy might be my first post.

coconut rum cake tag

*ew, just realized that "partake in everything that comes out of my oven" sounds really dirty. that should be a euphemism for something, but i swear to you, it's not.


  1. Oh my. I once had rum cake when a co-worker when home to visit her family in the West Indies and brought back a cake her mother had made. It was just about the best cake I've ever had! And I remember I so nearly didn't have a piece because, in my mind, rum and cake did *not* sound like a good combination. Ha!
    The addition of coconut sounds amazing.... where did you get your recipe from?

  2. Oh! I meant to link to the recipe, but it slipped my mind so I'm glad you asked. The recipe is from Gourmet (RIP), and can be found here on epicurious:

    If you love coconut, you have to make this cake!

  3. Thank you thank you! I love coconut quite a bit more than is reasonable, so the cake definitely sounds like my kind of thing.