Wednesday, October 21, 2009

... chocolate scones

hot-from-the-oven chocolate scones

today i had an unexpected mid-week day off. lucky me! after waking early and drinking at least one pot of tea, i figured i should put some food in my belly and, digging through the pantry for something interesting that would be delicious in a scone, i settled on chocolate scones with chunks of chopped bittersweet chocolate. sure, it's a little rich for breakfast, but given that these were out of the oven at 11am, all that chocolate wasn't too shocking to the system.

(should i mention the chocolate chip amuse-bouche to tide me over while the scones were baking? no? okay.)

chocolate scone breakfast

these went great with the tea and a few episodes of "mad men," which, omg you guys, is, like, the best show! i know, right? you've probably never heard of it, but (hot tip) let me tell you, it's sooooooo good! i just finished season one today, and i can't wait for the next season to come from netflix. seriously, you should all start watching this before everyone else gets in on the secret. and you can tell people you heard it here first.

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  1. I *knew* you'd be all over "Mad Men" like white on rice, girl. If you want to borrow Season 2 all in a box, I have it. :) I will also accept rental payment in double chocolate scones!