Friday, October 23, 2009

... experimenting in the kitchen

i wonder... do hazelnuts and cherries go together? let's ask these cookies.

hazelnut chocolate cherry cookie

the answer: not so much. but it was fun to try. and actually, there are chocolate chips in there, too, because why the heck not! my rationale here was that chocolate goes well with hazelnut, and cherries go well with chocolate, so why shouldn't cherries and hazelnuts be best friends, too!

actually, the longer answer is that there's probably a reason why you don't often find hazelnuts in cookies. there's something about the texture that was a little off. even though i toasted them nicely and removed their skins before baking them into the cookies.

(and you're probably noticing by now that i pretty much put dried cherries in any baked goods i get my hands one. in fact, i'm surprised i didn't put them in those chocolate scones the other day. oh god, my mouth is watering just imagining it. and now i'm making a mental note to try that next time.)

hazelnut chocolate cherry cookie

still, all problems aside, there wasn't enough wrong with these cookies to stop me from eating them all.

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