Sunday, October 4, 2009

... the fall bulb and plant sale

bulb bags

last year we went crazy on bulbs. when i say "we," i mean that i went crazy picking out bulbs and c went crazy planting them all.


boxes of bulbs

don't forget your bulb food

boxes of bulbs

so this year we didn't really need all that many bulbs, but the arboretum foundation's fall bulb and plant sale makes it difficult to resist buying more. you know, to fill in all those gaps in the garden. we got a lot of crocus for under the calycanthus, some more of the petite daffodils, a few varieties of tulips, more of the pretty blue alliums we liked so much this year, and a few new oddballs to try out and see how we like them.

and some paperwhites for forcing. there should always be paperwhites for forcing.

bulb-buying crowd

bulb-buying crowd

bulb-buying crowd

it also pays to be a member. we went to the member pre-sale on saturday to avoid the crowds. totally worth it. plus, as a member you get discounts at various stores and museums and such around seattle, one of them being the perennial tea room, where i often buy mass quantities of welsh brew.

arboretum tree

afterwards, with our bulbs safely stashed in the car, we took a little turn about the arboretum to appreciate the beautiful autumn day and admire the just-starting-to-change foliage.

arboretum road

gosh, i love the arboretum.

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