Friday, October 30, 2009

... fall knitting

wet leaves

i love fall. no, seriously, i love fall. it is my most favorite season of all. unfortunately sometimes it feels like it's too short. like you blink and suddenly it's all over and all the leaves are on the ground and the trees are bare and suddenly in the mornings your car is frosted over and the grass is crunchy and the air is too cold to breathe. actually, that's a good season too, but just second to fall, in my opinion.

fall means i can drink more tea than i should (a girl has to stay warm, right?) and, hey, why not have a cookie with that tea? or warm up the house by baking some fresh scones in the morning. it means a cozy night in on the sofa under a blanket watching bad tv, or taking a bath, reading a good book, listening to the rain fall outside. it means halloween and thanksgiving (the best holiday of all), and hot soup and foggy mornings and roasted squash...

... and knitting. lot's of knitting.

new knitting project

ooh, what mysterious project am i working on now? we'll see what shape this one takes. fortunately it will be a shape that will keep me warm as the days get colder. and wetter.

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