Saturday, October 31, 2009

... halloweening it up

pumpkin carving

it has been a wonderful halloween. there was pumpkin carving, winter pimm's cups, it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown, trick-or-treaters, tomato soup, dracula (both the book and the movie), hard cider, and, of course, lots and lots of candy. too. much. candy.

pumpkin face

pumpkin mouth

i always carve my pumpkin with jagged edges and triangle shapes. only because i'm lazy and those are easier to cut.

c's pixel pumpkin

c's is meant to look pixelated. i love it. almost as much as his scott simon pumpkin from a few years ago.

my scary pumpkin



i hate to say goodbye to october. not just because i have to turn over my calendar (and isn't that the prettiest calendar page ever?) but because it seems like the year is going by so fast. at least we'll have some good memories, october and i.


  1. I'm quite curious about the Scott Simon pumpkin.

  2. I love your calendar! Who makes it? I think I'll have to buy me one for the upcoming year.

  3. myra-lee: ah, if only i had a picture! he really captured the smiling sad eyes of scott simon so well.

    jeannette: the calendar is by ilee and is letterpressed and silkscreened. you can find them on etsy!

    i loved october especially, but every single month has been pure beauty. looks like they're selling the 2010 calendar now and it seems like it's equally gorgeous!