Thursday, October 22, 2009

... my stacked coin quilt

wonderland coin quilt

i actually finished this quite a while ago, i just have had some excuse or other for not posting about it. you know: i'm too busy, the light hasn't been good for taking pictures, maybe i should wait on this one until i do the quilting on it, blah blah blah. but today i figured i had some free time, the light, while not great, was actually decent in the guest bedroom, and if i wait until i quilt it that could be a very long time indeed. i have also been feeling sheepish about how little i've been posting about quilting here lately, which, to be frank, was one of the main reasons i started this lil' blog in the first place.

wonderland coin quilt on bed

this quilt is intended for my niece on christmas this year. i am actually intending to give all my loved ones quilts this year, but that probably means getting my shit together pretty quickly and actually doing some more sewing, doesn't it? i bit the bullet on this one and bought a jelly roll of the moda momo wonderland prints, which i have been very much smitten with for many months. i knew olivia would love them as much as i do, from the colors (pinks, browns, reds, greens) to the prints (flowers, leaves, butterflies, lady bugs, polka dots).

wonderland coins staggered

i love the stacked coin look, and i especially love the staggered effect of the stacks with the extra white bits added. this was c's idea, and i think it was a mighty fine one. and once this is quilted it will look even more lovely.

wonderland coin quilt back

i have even gone so far as to piece a simple back for this one, the closest any of my three quilt tops have gotten to becoming actual real-life quilts! i did a simple stripe of coins across the back, with two solid blocks of this amy butler midwest modern print. while it's not a perfect match to the wonderland, i love how its geometric print sets off the other prints, which are more organic and flowy. plus, it's pink, and i think olivia will appreciate that.

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  1. You know what I, too, love? Your *totally and completely awesome* stacked coin quilt. It's amazing! Those fabrics are great and white was the perfect choice to go with them. Beautiful work, she'll love it.
    Ok, that's it, I'm going to start my first quilt this weekend. Bullet...bitten. Eek. (Right after I hit up the new Anthropologie opening here! Whoop!)