Friday, November 20, 2009

... our garden in autumn

paperbark maple with crow

one of the best things about having a garden is always having something to look forward to. when the witch hazel replace their spidery flowers with leaf buds the daffodils begin to pop up, when the daffodils start to fade the tulips are in full bloom, when the tulips die back the poppies are starting to unfurl, when the poppies start dropping petals the coreopsis open their sunny little blooms, and when the coreopsis wither the beautyberry send out their shiny purple berries. so much goodness!

himalayan honeysuckle

even still, in mid-november, there's so much to admire in the garden. even though it's not in its full summer lushness, there are still pretty little dots of color, small flowers, and fiery red maple leaves clinging to the branches.

sunny yellow flowers

tree mallow


can you believe this hydrangea is still going? they don't call it endless summer for nothing.

hot lips sage

beautyberry profusion

and while i'm fully appreciating what's going on out there right now, i can't help but get excited about the hellebore that should be flowering in the next couple of months.

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  1. I think the 100-degree-plus days finally finished off my own Endless Summer hydrangea this year, alas...but yours is gorgeous. I need to plant another in a shadier spot. And probably to employ some other method than "Gardening by Trial and Tragic Error."

    Word verification: bleadgio, which sounds like waking up hungover in front of a Vegas casino fountain.