Sunday, November 8, 2009

... pumpkin cookies

pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing

actually, pumpkin* anything is okay by me. but these cookies sure are fabulous. super moist and cakey, but the brown butter icing is what pushes them over the edge into fantastic.

pumpkin cookie with brown butter icing

fortunately you can find the recipe online at martha stewart.

* whenever i type pumpkin i accidently add a y making it "pumpking." totally an accident, and yet i kind of want to call these "pumpking cookies."


  1. wow, that's a table-load of awesome! pumpking forever.

  2. i always type pumpking too. the cookies look great--you're right, pumpkin anything tends to be good. there's a place where my parents live that has pumpkin pancakes--i haven't had those but they sound so very fabulous...just the idea of them sounds so good.

  3. Thanks, all! Even after we've eaten them all, I am still dreaming about these cookies.

  4. hey, wow - these look very similar to our family favorite, pumpkin pillows (but we have to call them pillahs, for some reason - like mike myers' character in 'so i married an axe murderer' - the scottish dad). ANYWAY, they are to die for and i imagine these are too! and thanks to you i will now have to make some tomorrow.