Tuesday, November 3, 2009

... the red letter day collection

red letter day fabrics

ever since i first saw it, i've been love with the red letter day collection. those ducks! those ribbons! those stripes! those colors! they struck a chord with me and i couldn't get them out of my head. i've been hoarding a whole bunch of them for a few months now, but wasn't sure how to best do them justice.

red letter day quilt planning

at the same time, i've also been totally enamored with plus-sign quilts (or cross quilts, if you want to look at it that way), but hadn't decided on the right fabrics for that project. and then one night last week, in that weird state between being awake and asleep, i realized that the red letter day prints would be absolutely perfect in a plus-sign quilt. perfect, i tell you! my two coming together in one oh-so-satisfying reality!

red letter day plus-sign quilt

so yesterday i just got right into it and started cutting and laying out the fabrics (after some basic planning, of course). this is only preliminary stuff with a few of the fabrics cut so far, but i'm really excited to see it come together.

red letter day quilt planning

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  1. I love these--especially the ducks, and also the plus sign idea! So colorful. Always so creative, Ara Jane!