Saturday, November 28, 2009

... thanksgiving weekend

thanksgiving table

i truly love thanksgiving. i might even go so far as to say it's my favorite holiday (even though by the time christmas comes along i will probably vow that christmas is my favorite holiday--i am so suggestible).

thanksgiving kitchen

but the food! the family! i suppose for me it's an excuse to spend all day in the kitchen. and an excuse to eat pumpkin pie. and apple pie. and mashed potatoes.


even when my niece and nephew squabble at the table, i am still thankful that they are my family and we get to spend the day together. no wait, not just the day... the entire weekend!


friday we got to go out to my aunt's new farm in rainier and see her horses and her beautiful property.

horse & olivia

the kids really loved the horses.


the moon was so beautiful rising through the trees.

farm mist

and the way the mist settled in over the pastures at dusk was so beautiful, this picture just doesn't even do it justice. but trust me, so utterly beautiful i thought for a moment that i should up and move out to a farm. but with sheep. and chickens. and goats. and definitely a lot of manure. seriously, i love the smell of manure. so comforting. sigh.


and just wait until you see what we did together on saturday!

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