Monday, December 7, 2009

... a christmasy sunday

huevos ahogados

it all started with a trip to señor moose to warm up our insides before we ventured out into the cold to get our christmas tree. huevos ahogados is my new favorite thing on the menu. eggs poached in tomato broth with poblano chiles and served with the most amazing grilled bread. and we warmed up our brains by completing the new york times sunday crossword between bites.

pudding tin

then time to haul out the pudding tin to make the traditional christmas pudding. i follow nigel slater's recipe, but fudge it a bit with suggestions from nigella lawson's version. then i let it steam all afternoon and make the house smell spicy and delicious while i trim the tree and listen to david sedaris's santaland diaries.

christmas pudding

after a sufficient steaming, it goes into a cool, dark place to sit until christmas eve. it's possible that the thing i enjoy most is the anticipation.

xmas tree

every year i say i'm going to get something other than a noble fir, but every year i set eyes on the perfect tree, with it's deep green needles and sparse branches and fall in love, and it's always a noble fir.

the seattle aids support group (sasg) at dunshee house has great trees and the money goes to a great organization. they also cut the tree end perfectly and load the tree onto your car for you. and they give you candy canes and say merry christmas like they really mean it.

santa mugs

and finally i get to settle down on the sofa and enjoy a mug of cocoa topped with a marshmallow out of a cheapie santa mug, watch christmas movies, and admire the tree. i would like it to be christmas forever, please.


  1. Oh I LOVE this post! I love Christmas more than almost anything, and this was such a beautifully perfectly Christmas-like-we-do-it-too post it made me feel all warm and snug. Christmas in my house starts this evening, after I have jittered and fretted my way through the last exam of this term. I can't wait!

  2. Thank you so much! I am enjoying the holidays very much this year, in my mellow-puttering-around-the-house kind of way. Hope your exams went well!