Thursday, December 17, 2009

... cookie party!

while sarah silverman's cookie party is super duper awesomeness, the cookie party of which i speak is my pal gael's annual cookie exchange party.





there was much deliciousness to be found, and i am always surprised by the amazing variety of cookies that are baked. i don't think i can recall a party where two people brought the exact same cookie.

chocolate ginger chews

i made martha stewart's chocolate ginger chews, but the only shot i got of them was before baking. i guess once they got out of the oven all i wanted to do was eat them. and, of course, some had to be saved for the party. yum.

happy birthday gael!

the party is always a few days from gael's birthday, so we got to celebrate the hostess with the mostest whilst cookie partying it up.


tree cookie

overloaded cookies

there was a cookie decorating table as well, with loads of frosting, sprinkles, candy and favors to put on your cookies. i'm not sure who decorated those two cookies up there, but i think i love them. is it even physically possible to put anything else on those cookies?

star cookie

i also just wanted to say that i fully intended to be doing more here this month, but, like everyone else this time of year, have found myself overloaded with things to do, obligations to meet, parties to attend, trees to trim, goods to bake, and gay apparel to don. be assured that i am enjoying this holiday season for all it's worth, it's just that my camera is often not along for the ride these days.

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