Wednesday, December 9, 2009

... sunny corners of our home

though it's winter (ok, nearly winter) and seattle is currently in the midst of an insane cold snap, the days are bright and clear and sunny. and with the low sun coming from the south, that makes for beautiful light sloping in through the windows in the morning and early afternoon.


hand to heaven, i just happened across this narrow strip of sun just perfectly illuminating these paperwhites on our dining room table. i did not stage this at all.


the endless summer hydrangea are still bringing summer into the house in the way of cuttings. will they ever quit?


i finally brought the bunting in from the porch. it looks a bit worse for wear having been out in the weather until a few weeks ago. but i'm happy to enjoy it now in the sun room.

in fact, i'm happy to enjoy a lot of the pretty little things around the house right now.

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