Sunday, January 10, 2010

... having time to sew

red letter day!

last weekend's portland getaway also saw a trip to a lovely fabric store, cool cottons. wow! such a pretty store filled with a wonderland of fabric. better yet, they had a whole bunch of red letter day, which i have a habit of desperately buying up when i can find it. i got quite a lot of the blue pearl bracelet and some more of those ducks. those ducks just melt my heart.

new to stash

and, of course, some more lovelies to add to the stash, including some alexander henry birds, another alexander henry yellow dot (which will soon be part of the back for my deep sea quilt), and the cutest kokka fabric with sheep. sheep!

and all this got me inspired to do some more sewing, something that has been horribly neglected in the busy holiday months. i also came to realize that i don't like sewing when it's dark out, making it that much more difficult to find time in these short winter days.

plus quilt back

so, i dove right in yesterday and pieced a back for the red letter day quilt, which was originally intended as a christmas present for my nephew (guess i need to make with the snap-snap and get this thing done). it's quite simple, and i think it will show off the quilting i plan on doing on this one really nicely.

plus quilt binding options

i had also originally intended for the orangey pearl bracelet fabric to be the binding for the quilt, but when i found a bunch of the same print in blue i started to waffle. i really like the way the blue brings everything together and worry that the orange makes the whole thing appear too busy. thoughts?

plus quilt front

see, isn't the blue a bit nicer? fortunately i still have some time to decide, seeing as how i still have to baste and quilt this.

it sure feels good to create things again.


  1. you know what i love? this blog! seriously. it's neat.

  2. Love the quilt top! Especially with that blue pearl binding. Awesome!

  3. thanks to you both!

    suze, hoping you'll give some embroidery lessons when you return from paris. i've got an itch to embroidery something bad!

  4. I love this quilt! I have gathered almost all the fabric to create this (giving you total credit for this) but since I am new quilter I have no idea where to start! I need to get some lessons! Your work is stunning!

  5. I say yes, pick the blue! It does seem to pull everything together. The orange is pretty awesome also though.