Friday, January 1, 2010

... new year's resolutions


new year's resolution #1: clean up promptly after parties.

done and done!

sparkling wine

i've been through some phases with new year's resolutions. in my younger years i loved them, made them passionately every year, usually didn't follow through on any of them, got very upset with myself for not following through and then descended into a downward spiral of self-loathing. then i went through the period where i wrote them off completely as a silly waste of time and who cared about the new year anyway, it's just an arbitrary number and why should we celebrate that? but the last few years i have made a few, somewhat silly resolutions that actually worked out well for me because they were resolutions i could realistically keep and may have helped me become a better person. last year i vowed not to read comments on blogs. not the nice, everyday blogs of friends, or fellow crafters or bakers. i'm talking about comments on highly trafficked, popular blogs or websites where the comments are either inane or infuriating or both. and for most of the year i stuck with it and if i did find myself reading some ridiculous comments and getting worked up i could stop myself before i got totally crazy and bent out of shape. and i think the year before that, along with c, our resolution was to not watch any more movies from the 70s. what a freaking great resolution that one was.

party garland

so, here's some more for 2010.

resolution #2: don't be a slave to comfort.

i think i'm going to embroider that one on a pillow. no seriously, i actually might. which leads me to:

resolution #3: learn how to embroider.

ooh, and tap dance. i also want to learn how to tap dance. and of course i'm also going to lose some weight, work out more often, eat better (starting with a two week whole foods diet this monday), respond to emails in a timely fashion, not procrastinate, read more (i will make it to fifty two books next year, i will i will i will), sew more, complain less, and enjoy every single minute of every single day of the entire year of twenty ten.

cider dregs

but, that last part's all gravy if i can just master resolutions #1, 2 and 3.

hot damn!


  1. hmm, don't be a slave to comfort...that's an interesting one. Venture out more, is that what you mean? Your life does look so comfortable from here, but I mean that in the best way.
    PS - I"m really glad you got the book and it made you happy! I do love mail packages, sending and receiving

  2. Love your resolutions - and ooh, I can't wait to see what you will embroider. And I love your second resolution - I could do with making a similar one myself. 'Watch more 70s movies' - that cracked me up, it's brilliant!!!