Monday, January 4, 2010

... portland


i love living in seattle. i honestly wouldn't want to live any where else. but one city i adore almost as much is portland. this weekend i took c there for his birthday. on the agenda was all the goodness that portland has to offer, of which there is an abundance

native bowl portland

native bowl

as soon as we pulled into town we headed straight for a food cart mecca at the mississippi marketplace and enjoyed two amazing vegan bowls at native bowl. i had the mississippi bowl and c got the gravy bowl. wow.

powell's aisle

then it was off to check in at our adorable b&b, the white house, before we took a turn about the pearl district and spent several hours at powell's.


powell's knows how to rock the nyrb.

book stack

powell's also knows how to get me to buy more books than i need (but not nearly as many as i want). this is me exercising restraint.


we took in a movie at the quaint cinemagic on hawthorne, then enjoyed more food cart goodness with some belgian frite at potato champion.

late night picnic on the bed

... which we took back to the b&b and enjoyed on the cushy bed with some sparkling wine provided by our lovely hosts. frite + frite saus + sparkling wine = yum!

dutch bikes

sunday was the most lovely day of all, though, as we rented dutch bikes from clever cycles (i got to ride my dream bike!) and rode all over the city and along the river. i can't even begin to tell you how lovely it was to cycle all over portland, even on a chilly grey day, across the river and through the city, with nowhere special to be, watching as nearly everyone who passed by smiled widely and admired our bicycles. or maybe they were just smiling back in acknowledgment of my goofy grin.

bike portland


and, of course, after working that hard (sort of) we felt we naturally deserved a trip to burgerville for veggie burgers, fries, and a chocolate hazelnut milkshake. oh yes, we definitely deserved it.

bed feet

thank you, portland, for the great weekend.

your neighbor up north,
ara jane

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  1. what a wonderful weekend! the cycling looks like so much fun and i've wanted to go to powell's forever... love the look of the gaslight crime book! sounds like the perfect birthday weekend - lucky c (and lucky you as well!).