Wednesday, January 20, 2010

... unexpected (and expected) gifts

there's nothing better than a surprise gift. i love giving them, but getting them is pretty nice, too. over the last month or so i realize that i have been the recipient of quite a few little unexpected treasures, which has reminded me, yet again, how lucky i am to be surrounded by such sweet friends.


this little berry colander appeared on our doorstep a few weeks ago. our neighbor, jenn, knew both c and i had bad colds (and also knew that the colander matched our le creuset cookware) and filled it with some clementines to aid in our recovery. i honestly have the best neighbors in the world. thanks, jenn!

much depends on dinner

a package arrived for me in the mail sometime around christmas, containing a handmade card and this book. it's from a friend who i haven't seen in years, one who i always liked and wanted to get to know better but who moved away to the other coast too soon. this was completely unexpected, yet delightful in that she and i both share a love of food writing, and i always look forward to her book recommendations. kyla, i so hope you consider returning to our fair city sometime down the road. we miss you!

(also making an appearance up there is the marimekko mug c gave me for christmas. love love love.)

dinosaur jr

my cool and crazy friend francine (and i don't use either of those words lightly) showed up to a party bearing this t-shirt for me. we both have an affection for dinosaur jr, a band i might dare to call my most favorite band of all time, and she wanted me to have it just because she knew how much i would love it. and i do. (i just wish it wasn't so difficult to take a photo of one's self wearing a t-shirt!)

the best show on wfmu

and speaking of t-shirts, yesterday a package from wfmu came in the mail for c, who had donated during their recent 24-hour emergency pledge drive. c made sure the t-shirt came in my size, because he knows just how much i love the best show on wfmu. but wfmu, and the best show, probably need their own dedicated post so i can extol the wonders of this most wondrous of radio stations. thank you, c, for thinking of me when you donate money to good causes.

sheep on feet

not all gifts are completely unexpected, but the doesn't make them any less cherished. now, this isn't how we usually do christmas in my family, but this year my mom happened to ask if i wanted anything in particular, and without any hesitation i declared, "slippers!" for the past few years i've wanted some slippers, specifically some simple mules in either boiled wool or felt, nothing fancy. well, my mom found these beauties for me and--without putting down any of the other wonderful gifts i received--i must say that this is my most favorite christmas present of all. every day, as soon as i get home, i do my best mister rogers impression as i slip into these and put on my coziest cardigan. my perpetually cold feet stay toasty and i am always tickled when i look down and see that little sheep decorating my toes.


thank you, everyone, for thinking of me with these sweet, sweet gifts. obviously, it's not about the things themselves, but about the pleasant reminders that there are some truly wonderful people in my life.

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  1. Hope 2010 is off to a good start. I love the sheep slippers--too cute! Also, speaking of things coming in the mail, I just got your card (well, it obviously arrived while I was away for winter break, but I rolled back into town this week and found it waiting for me in my mail bundle). I got an incredibly late start on cards this Christmas--didn't mail mine until Christmas Eve, but I hope yours got there. Yay for presents and packages and surprises!!