Sunday, February 21, 2010

... a new plan

grey yellow lime fabrics stacked

i don't know how to write this without it coming across as enormously hokey, but today i woke up and felt so sincerely happy just to be alive. the sun came pouring in through the bedroom windows this morning, i was actually happy to get out of bed early to go to boxing class, birds were chirping (yes, chirping!) outside, and everything felt so very, very good. it's like this strange february heat wave was actually thawing the figurative ice that has been forming around my heart.

it's not that i haven't been happy to be alive lately or that i wish for anything otherwise (yipes, god no!), i just haven't been so good at embracing the moment. i've been spending too much time looking forward to what will be and not enough time enjoying what is. i have found myself all too often thinking, "just get through this, just wait, just think about what will come." and, honestly, i don't even really know what it is i'm looking forward to.

grey yellow lime fabrics

so today. today felt really, really good. i had a great boxing class (i felt like i could jump rope forever), c and i went out for a walk in the sun to get a yummy hippy vegan breakfast, we spent a few hours in the garden sprucing things up, and i started cutting into some fabric for my newest quilt.

flock of triangles

and i am really excited about this puppy. it's my first quilt where i am actually following a pattern (you might recognize this as denyse schmidt's flock of triangles) and i'm happy that my fabric choices turned out looking so nice. well, there's one that's bothering me a bit--the colors are good, but it just isn't playing well with the others. i suppose that means i should take it out because i'm just going to keep looking at it and it's going to keep bothering me. right?

flock of triangles layout

otherwise, i just can't wait to sew this one together and get it into the hands of its new owner. it's a miracle i'm not working on it right now.

the other thing that has me so darn peppy about life is the new seattle modern quilting guild. we had our first meeting yesterday and i was positively giddy about meeting fellow quilters. there were so many awesome and talented ladies there and i kept thinking, "i want to be friends with all of you!" (i really am that big a dork.) it truly did inspire me and i felt so happy to finally connect with a community of women who share this wonderful, peculiar, and completely all-encompassing interest that is quilting.


  1. Thank you for this lovely post. It really chimed with what I've been feeling at the moment, and made me very happy. The quilt is gorgeous!

    BUT I know what you mean about that particular fabric - and I think if you're not happy with it, you won't be, so maybe change it. Hope you continue enjoying tomorrow, and the next day, and the next ... xx

  2. You happiness and energy here is contagious. It's like spring has already arrived in Seattle! I think those yellow fabrics are esp. uplifting and bright. It's a happy color. Can't wait to see your next quilt as it takes shape.

  3. I love the blues and yellows together! The design of the quilt has an easy-like-Sunday-morning look about it which I absolutely love!

    And hokey or not, I've had those days before too and they feel amazing!