Monday, February 1, 2010

... waffles


lucky me! i got a waffle iron for christmas. in fact, i gave c's brother a waffle iron for christmas, and he gave me a waffle iron, too! not so much a coincidence, when i discovered that c suggested the gift to both of us. still, happy day, indeed, since i've always wanted one.

waffle maker

the real tragedy is that we waited until yesterday to use it. how i lived without my own homemade waffles is beyond me. it's something i never order when i go out to eat (except when in belgium, but that's another store and another waffle altogether), but i'm sure happy to eat them at home.

stiff eggwhites

i suppose it's the beaten eggs whites that make them so light and fluffy. honestly, though, i don't care what it is. i just want to eat them.


they were delicious topped with fresh berries and maple syrup. and the one leftover waffle today was great toasted with a little blackberry jam. mmmmm...

waffle with fruit

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  1. yummy, i got one for xmas too! i have been obsessed with the hearty whole wheat waffles recipe off the king arthur flour website. i use the white whole wheat flour and seriously they are AMAZING. i love a good buttermilk waffle too, but there are times when beating egg whites seems like a lot of work! also i freeze them and just pop them in the toaster - not at all the same as fresh but pretty damn good on the way to work!