Monday, March 1, 2010

... enjoying some simple pleasures

simultaneously too much and not enough have been happening around here. too much of no import and not enough of high import. that means i've been trying to eke out joy from the smallest of pleasures.


like a tiny vase of fresh cut daffodils from our garden.

oatmeal bread

or a loaf of whole wheat oatmeal bread hot out of the oven. i will never stop being surprised and delighted when bread that i toiled over all day actually comes out of the oven looking like a real loaf of bread.

chilly hilly bikes

chilly hilly cider stop

or biking the chilly hilly and enjoying all the goodness at the cider stop. i'm happy to report that this year was not so chilly, but still quite hilly. (oh, hello legs!)

toast and jam

or a pause in the afternoon for some toast with jam and a cup of yorkshire tea.

quilt back

or mapping out a long-overdue back for a stray quilt top.

just small reminders that i am still here and that my little world is still turning.

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  1. I have that same Yorkshire tea and love it!! Also, I recently discovered Scottish Breakfast tea. I'm a long-time fan of Irish Breakfast tea, but had never tried Scottish Breakfast tea until a couple of weeks ago. Nice and flavorful and malty. If you like Yorkshire tea, then you'll probably like Scottish Breakfast tea, too.