Friday, March 12, 2010

... improvisational piecing, i think

last night was the first of the improvisational patchwork piecing classes taught by the fantastic and talented sew katie did. in my short stint so far as a quilter i haven't attempted anything at all improvisational and, frankly, it scares the crap out of me. even the quilts i've made that i made up myself i at least planned out to the last detail before starting to sew anything together. so last night when she had us reach into bags and blindly pull out pieces of fabric that we had to incorporate into our blocks i had a bit of a hard time with it.

first improvisational block

this is my first block. and i kind of like it. even the purple, which nearly gave me a heart attack when i pulled it blindly from the bag, and which, to be honestly, i thought of putting right back in before anyone saw me cheating. but nope, i sewed it right on there! while this is completely crazy and meant more as an exercise than an object to be used, i kind of want to use it for something. purple and all.

string-pieced improv

the second thing we did involved a little more planning, and i found i struggled with this part even more. i worried about the colors (less yellow! more yellow! too many dots! more more more dots!) and then i had much angst over the placement. i worried i didn't do things perfectly and then i worried i did it too perfectly.

now i'm worried about what to do with this big chunk of string-pieced craziness. i know i need to stop with the worrying and just do something. i think i might just put it aside for the time being and do some more straight up improvising, just pulling fabrics from bags and sewing and doing anything but thinking. perhaps that will get me back in the improvisational groove.

yes, i think that would be best.

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