Wednesday, March 17, 2010

... irish soda bread

soda bread

ok, so i'm not really that into st. patrick's day. i don't do the pub thing, usually it's a coincidence that i'm wearing green, and i want nothing to do with leprechauns. but give me a holiday where there's some kind of special food involved, and i am all over that.

so for me, today meant baking up a big loaf of irish soda bread. as it happens, there was an intriguing recipe for soda bread in the march issue of bon appetit (the same issue where i discovered flapjacks). i say intriguing, because the author of the article was non other than pretty in pink's blaine. sure, i would've preferred a soda bread recipe from duckie, but you take what you can get, right?

soda bread and irish butter

this was interesting. the parts of the bread that weren't complete dough* (believe me, i baked this sucker even longer than was required) were insanely delicious. especially when spread with some tasty kerrygold butter. now, back to my guinness and antm.

*aha! now that i clicked through and took a look at the link for the recipe, it looks like i wasn't the only person who had a problem with it. sounds like it needs a longer baking time, amongst other things. but it's probably going to be another year before i make soda bread again.

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  1. That looks so delicious! I love the soda bread at - Irish Mum's Brown Bread, I think it's called. Yum!