Thursday, March 25, 2010

... my sister

me & mandy

we haven't always gotten along. i hated her for tormenting me and she hated me for being a little twerp. sure, we fought, sometimes with knives (yipes!), and most of the doors in our old house are riddled with holes from where we battered them in when one of us was taunting the other on the other side. and i believe she still has a scar on her back from where one of mom's high heels hit her (how did it get there, i wonder?).

riverfront park

but there is no one like my sister. when she wasn't teasing me she was making sure i wasn't dating the wrong guys, helping me with my first bra, driving me to school and letting me hang out with her and her friends. and now, well, now she is just about the nicest older sister a younger sister could ask for. she is always supportive of and interested in my various whims, she gives the fiercest haircuts, and, nowadays, only teases me the nicest way.

mandy and me

happy birthday, mandy!

(please don't beat me up for posting these pictures.)

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  1. Old pictures are so much fun. I have a good one up my sleeve of my best friend and I from about age 7 that I'm waiting for just the right moment to post.

    A great happy birthday wish!