Wednesday, March 24, 2010

... not being sick

bed view for the last three days

this has been my view for the last three days. sick. with a cold. in bed. catching up on quilting blogs. (and omg, this quilt, which you can see on my laptop screen up there, from red pepper quilts is so insanely beautiful, please go look at and admire it now).

bedside view whilst sick

i have been occupying my head-hurty, sniffly, achy, feverish time with many movies (thank god for netflix watch instantly), plants vs. zombies, the always-delightful interweb, hexagons, tissues, fluids, and more tissues.

basting the little folks voile quilt

fortunately, today i started feeling just a little less cruddy and got to change my view and spend some time looking at this.

little folks quilt top

and this.

it's hard to feel sick when you are looking at something so, so pretty.

more to come, since i also had the strength to make a quilt back, baste, and quilt this one today!


  1. just getting over a cold myself. they're the worst! can't wait to see your finished quilt. :)

  2. hope you are feeling better. I LOVE the quilt!

  3. Hey thanks! I was blog hopping and came across this post - the pic on my screen made me stop and take another look - only to realize I was looking at my own header : )

    Glad you're feeling better - love your Little Folks Quilt and have been playing with these fabrics myself.