Friday, April 30, 2010

... being one year old!


today i'm celebrating one year of being for this lil' blog. it's certainly been a year of ups and downs for me, but i'm happy to report that what ara jane loves has been a big part of creating a lot more of the ups.

thank you to all you readers who've made this such an enjoyable experience. i love reading your comments and getting to know you all through your own blogs. isn't this interweb an amazing thing? through it i've made friends across the country (and even other countries!), gotten involved in seattle's modern quilt guild and met some super cool real-life quilters, become inspired by some amazing creations and photos, and even had the chance to inspire others.

i look forward to another year of looking on the bright side of life and discovering even more things in the world to add to the list of what i love.

(now, off to celebrate by eating some more of these tasty blog-birthday blondies!)


  1. Happy blogaversary! I've loved reading your blog since I came across it, hope there are many more years of loving things to come :)

  2. Happy blog birthday! That looks delicious. Three cheers indeed for the interweb.

  3. Happy blog birthday! It's always fun and uplifting to come here. Your passion and appreciation for things--both small and large--is contagious. Thanks for sharing. That blondie is making me hungry. I want one!