Sunday, April 4, 2010

... easter eggs


oh, easter. i'm not done with you yet.

eggs in carton

i saw this idea in martha stewart living (the source of all good things in the world) and knew i had to try it at gael's easter egg decorating party this weekend. i used some electrical tape that i cut up into bits and stripes and some vinyl letters that were super fun to play around with.

bowl of eggs

obviously, mine aren't as impeccably done as martha's, but i actually prefer my splotchy wabi-sabi eggs.

egg in carton

like a dummy, though, i forgot to take pictures at the party. believe me, some lovely eggs were made by all. gael, in her true pop culture fashion, had all sorts of cool and retro egg dying kits on hand, along with enough food to feed an army of easter bunnies.

white eggs

egg ice bath

lucky for me, i really like hard boiled eggs. i have a week of egg salad and deviled eggs planned. mmmm...


yay indeed!


  1. I'm usually not that into dyeing eggs and really just do it because a good mom should, but seeing these might change my mind for next year.

    I do love hard boiled eggs, though, so that is one nice side effect!

  2. Those are such beautiful eggs! And I agree, wabi sabi ones are better.

    I love hardboiled eggs, but what are devilled ones?

  3. So beautiful! Thanks for bringing the letters, they were the hit of the party!

  4. you make deviled eggs by cutting hard-boiled eggs in half, removing the yolk and blending it with any mixture of mayonnaise/mustard/spices/horseradish you like to make a creamy filling, and then piping the new yolky mixture back into the place where the yolk was. they are almost always sprinkled with paprika.

    it is a very retro american dish, popular at parties!