Tuesday, April 6, 2010

... a new pillow

i was itching to finish something. anything.

so i turned this into this...

stacked coin pillow

i was so hasty in my sewing that this little pillow is all kinds of wonky. and i'm not just talking about the purposely wonky stacked coins. the corners are too pointy, the fabric is pulling funny over the pillow form (but i blame the too-puffy pillow for that), and the envelope closure isn't sitting right. but whatever.

the yellow/blue/green color scheme makes me so happy and reminds me that spring is coming. i got to make use of the string-pieced business i made in katie's improvisation piecing class.

stacked coin pillow back

and the aqua-dotted back is just the right complement to the front.

sometimes i'm glad that i'm so easy to please.


  1. That's so pretty; I love it and its wonky stripes (the rest looks non-wonky to me!) and spring colours. Hmm, I think I might make a pillow cover or something to dip my toe into the sewing-bits-of-fabric-together water. Improvisational string piecing sounds like fun - I am off to google and find out what it is!!

    I'm easily pleased too; it's definitely the way to be.

  2. What a pretty pillow! This is a great idea. I would so love to make more big projects but just don`t have the time...and this is frustrating! So projects like this could be the answer...;)

  3. adore the pillow! congrats on your feature on sew mama sew!

  4. Mmmmm...delicious. Can you send your email address to me? me:sewkatiedid@gmail.com

  5. It's lovely! And even better when read in the context of your earlier post. I could feel exactly what you meant then; I often worry so much over something not being quite perfect that it ends up not happening at all, and these two posts together are so inspiring - in terms of the patchwork and the pillow, but also for the process. Thank you. xxx