Wednesday, June 30, 2010

... bainbridge weekends

my beloved rotary auction was held last weekend, so it was an excuse to spend the weekend on bainbridge enjoying all the goodness the island has to offer.

veggie kabob

like veggie kabobs at emmy's vege house.

lynwood theater

and movies at lynwood theater. i have such fond memories of this being the only movie theater on bainbridge, and having many a date here in my teen years. now that there is a cineplex in town, lynwood theater shows independent movies, which are always introduced with a few words and applause from the crowd.

i know, right?!

mora ice cream

and ice cream at mora.

mora ice cream

and, ok, how about ice cream at mora again the next day?

and, of course, no trip to bainbridge is complete without an excursion to the beach down the road from my parent's house.

dog at the beach

and you must--MUST--take the dog with you. it's like your enjoyment is compounded simply by throwing and watching the dog run repeatedly after the ball.


there was a very, very, very low tide on saturday. i have never seen so much marine life before. was this a minus tide? crazy!

seastar at the beach

i mean, look at this seastar! this is just one of many we spotted.

baby octopus on the beach

there were even several baby octopi creeping around through the kelp and barnacles.

beach art plastic

the community beach has a new project where they are asking beachcombers to collect plastic they find on the beach and add it to this artful collection. i love how someone organized it into rainbow colors. somehow this trash has been transformed into something so very beautiful. love.

rotary auction fabric

as for the rotary auction, i had a few nice finds, including a bag of vintage fabric scraps that please me immensely.

foos ball

and somehow, what with the frenzy and excitement of the morning, i managed to take no other photos of the auction itself except for this one of all the foosball tables lined up at the preview the night before, ready for new homes. godspeed, little plastic soccer guys.



  1. I hope to see Bainbridge Island soon for the first time - though I will always and forever think of it as Ara Jane's Island.

  2. I love those vintage fabrics ... what are you going to do with them? :)

  3. I always love it when you talk about Bainbridge Island. I have never been there, but hope to visit it one day when I go back to visit that area. My sister got a chance to see it when she lived in Seattle, and another friend of mine did that last summer when she and her husband spent a couple of days in Seattle after an Alaska/BC trip, and they loved your island's charm. I think now it's my turn to go there. :-)

  4. ps, Whoa, what an amazing low-tide! Fascinating!