Friday, August 27, 2010

... dutch bicycles

in the spirit of my super-fabulous-too-amazing-insert-superlative-here birthday present, which i know i have not shown you yet, because i'm way too busy riding it to take pictures of it, i want to share with you this little video that is making me so happy right now. my good friend, who is half of the team behind the blog newelty, made this delightful video of her daily trip to dutch language school by bike.

i know, right?! and isn't that the happiest little song?

so why am i not packing up my bags and moving to the netherlands right now just so i can ride my bike around in such style and comfort? not to mention the flatness... oh the flatness! curse you and your hills, seattle!

so yeah, can i also mention how much i love newelty? describing it as a travel blog doesn't really do it justice since i, a person who travels so very little, always find so much goodness there. please go see for yourself.

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