Wednesday, August 25, 2010

... many little things

there's so much to enjoy right now.

hst quilt plan

like finally (finally!) planning a new quilt...

hst quilt beginning

... that is slowly coming to fruition.

new entryway

and painting our old, dingy, cluttered entryway in a nice fresh bright white. [contented sigh.] is it wrong that i would i rather leave it empty and spare and clean rather than fill it with our old crap again?

yellow wall

and, look! a bright splash of yellow that makes my heart so, so happy. (this color is called sunny outlook... need i say more?)


and the giant pile of basil from our farm share that we turned into a whole lot of pesto over the weekend.

not to mention many places to have a nice cold drink on a hot summer day:

white horse

a pimm's cup at the white horse.


a beer (and a veggie dog) at shorty's.


a fancy cocktail (and some seriously delicious food) at poppy.


and rejoicing in some recent fabric purchases.

and there's more. but there's always more, right?


  1. Your quilt is amazing. I love the design. Your entryway is amazing as well. I love those windows and all of the beautiful trim work. Stunning!

  2. Wow, your entryway is stunning. No wonder you want to leave it as is! That looks like liberty of london - you lucky girl!

  3. thanks ladies! i'm really liking how this quilt is coming together.

    rachel, it's actually not liberty! it's a new(ish) line from lecien that has that lovely liberty look and feel. i got it at hawthorne threads:
    someday, though, i hope to have some liberty in my stash!

  4. Pretty pile. Have you sewn any together? You'll have to bring me lovely fabric to see next time we swim...oops that should be tomorrow.