Monday, October 18, 2010

... a bedside bouquet

bedside bouquet

lately, i am finding it incredibly important to have a bedside bouquet. there is nothing quite as nice as seeing fresh flowers right before going to sleep and first thing in the morning.

this little posy is from our garden, with some penstemon, coreopsis, zinnia, aster, plumbago and several varieties of salvia.


  1. Beautiful. And from your garden! Lucky lady.

  2. Beautiful idea... I can't wait for the day that I have a garden with flowers, too.

  3. Seriously, how lucky are you? I feel like I haven't had anything blooming in my yard since spring (which isn't true). Unfortunately, I am facing the truth that I don't like gardening. Nope.

  4. Lovely. I've got loads of gorgeous zinnia blooming in my garden right now (yay for autumn flowers!) and I think I'll get myself a little bouquet to put by my bedside...