Thursday, October 21, 2010

... settling in to the season

fall trees

before our hike last weekend it honestly hadn't felt like autumn at all in seattle. and then, suddenly, wow! that one tree at the end of our street was all iridescent and golden/red and the leaves have been crunching so satisfyingly under the bike tires and the sun has been out in full-autumn-force yet still with that crispness and just this afternoon so much wind and rain rolled in to make for a cozy evening indoors.


last weekend we enjoyed our first croquet game of the season. sigh. my croquet gang this year kind of fell apart, what with work and travel and children and the like (oh yeah, and the not-so-summery weather). but most of us rallied on sunday for a last-minute gathering at the old croquet stomping grounds and braved the chilliness despite the sunshine. (c and i even biked there!) we warmed our insides with hot cider and snacks and caught some bits of sunshine where we could and caught up with each other's lives. truly the perfect fall day.

we are happy to serve you

and don't despair, i really have been sewing. (not that i imagine that anyone else is despairing over my lack of sewing, just more a note to self.) working on a little something. whilst drinking hot cocoa. from my favorite cocoa mug.

citrus quilt top

and also still in search of the perfect backing for this quilt top, which i finished quite a while ago. i have in my head some sort of perfect yellow or green flannel, but i have yet to find it. someday someday this will be finished and quilted and off to the young babe who might not be a young babe much longer.


  1. what about anna maria horner's flannel diamond mine in sun?

  2. you know, i was actually imagining that diamond mine print, but am wondering if sun is a little too washed out. i see it available in grass, but haven't seen that color in person and don't know if it will be too much.

  3. Amy Butler makes the green dots in flannel. Throw a leftover orange square would be nice.

    We'll have to croquet. I use to be quite good.

    See you at the sew-in?