Monday, June 13, 2011

... sweet treats


oh man, do i love to bake. sadly, because of my debilitating pregnancy-induced acid reflux, with the main offender being the combo of sugar + wheat, i have not really been doing any baking of late.

but tomorrow is my last shift supervising chinese medicine students at our teaching clinic before i embark on my new maternal adventures, and i felt that in order to properly celebrate i needed to do some baking. i love baking for my students, mostly because i just love baking but also because students are usually appreciative recipients of my baked goods.

so here we have some salted brown butter crispy treats (recipe via smitten kitchen) and some coconut swirl brownies (via martha stewart).

yes, i had to sample them (even though i've made both recipes previously and i already knew they were delicious). and yes i know i will suffer tonight.

but it was so worth it.


  1. stomach growling! these look wonderful!

  2. Shoot I just helped my son make an edible map of Oregon for school out of rice crispy treats if only I'd seen this first. Next time I'll try them this way I love a salty sweet treat. I hope your suffering was minimal.

  3. Those look delicious! (please excuse my drool)

  4. oh man, they look delicious! and heartburn in the worst!!!

  5. Chinese medicine - really! Ara Jane you get better all the time. Wish you were going to The Sewing Summit. But with a newborn, I know how that goes...

  6. I've been browsing my way through your blog, admiring your quilts and your recipes, especially the quilts. I've just finished a couple of baby quilts for my soon-to-arrive grandtwins, will be postig pics of both the quilts and the babies very soon!

  7. Candied Ginger, it helped me.

    I had it too and it got worst when I went swimming, no granola bars for me for the rest of my life, bad association.