Tuesday, August 30, 2011

… a hodgepodge of small, happy things

postage stamps

with my small bits of available time i have been able to accomplish… well, some small bits of projects. that's okay, though, as small things often have the most potential for greatness, right?

postage stamps

like the postage stamp exchange we recently did at our modern quilt guild meeting. we each made up packets of 100 2-1/2 inch squares and received an equal number of packets in exchange.

postage stamp squares

postage stampe squares

i don't know quite how i found the time, but i did manage to cut 500 postage stamps and received four delightful packets of different fabrics in exchange (i kept one of my own for myself).

postage stamps

after receiving my packets i had fun laying them all out on my design wall just to see what i had to work with, though i'm still not sure what i'm going to do with them. i could make a simple patchwork, just like it looks above, but i was also thinking of making some half square triangles, perhaps, and doing a value quilt, or even (gasp!) turning them into hexagons. right about now that all sounds like a lot of work, so off the design wall it came.

improv blocks

what is up now is my month's quilt for do. good stitches. i asked for improv pieced blocks in brown/cream/khaki, pink and yellow. this was a pretty selfish request on my part, since i wanted to do something more freeform and less fussy (since that's all my brain can handle at the moment). i really enjoyed piecing my blocks, even though it took me many, many hours over many, many days.

improv quilt progress

i've received half the blocks so far and am loving the way this is coming together. even though we all used different fabrics and our interpretations were all different, the colors really work together and make the blocks appear united. the color scheme was a stretch for me (and it sounds like it also was for the bee members) but, seriously, i love it. i think the piecing makes it look less country cousin and more clean and modern. i may use this color combo again in the future.

7 weeks

fabric: timeless treasures elephants in pink

8 weeks

fabric: from ikea designed by lotta kuhlhorn

and it looks like i'm behind in sharing my weekly ingrid photos! she is already growing out of her onesies (and these are the 3 to 6 month size). yes, we have an enormous baby. yes, i am terribly proud.

snowdrop mug

and speaking of proud, can i tell you how thrilled i am to find this mug?! i was over on bainbridge island perusing the emma bridgewater collection at churchmouse and saw this and probably emitted a little squeal. see, this is the snowdrop's namesake, this loveliest of flowers that blooms in the winter, and is one of c's favorite (he is the one who christened her the snowdrop). from the bottom of the mug:

"the blankets of snowdrops that carpet the woodland floor make the feeble sprinklings in the garden seem irrelevant. however a solid clump here and there reminds one not that spring-is-on-the way but that there is plenty of chilly weather still to come. a glass of snowdrops by the bedside is a seasonal treat."


  1. Hundreds of 2 1/2-inch squares reminds me of one of my UFOs! My guild set up an exchange so we could gather 2,000 different fabrics to make a millennium quilt. You are certainly right about it being a lot of work. Just sorting them into colors/values was a huge project. But someday I'll finish. If I cut a few more squares, it could still be a millennium quilt, and I have hundreds of years until my next deadline!

  2. Your postage stamp quilt is awesome! I have just started cutting out mine but they will finish at 1"....she says confidently!

  3. Such a fun swap idea! Love postage stamp quilts! The colors in the improv blocks are awesome, such a different color combo! :)

  4. All of those 2 1/2" squares I would be overwhelmed I can't wait to see what you end up doing with them. I love all of the improv blocks as well!!

  5. the mix of colors made me smile ... and then I got to Ingrid's 7-week photo and REALLY smiled!

  6. Ingrid is so cute! Baby smiles are the best :)

    I mailed my bee blocks on Monday and just posted pictures on flickr. They where so much fun to make and perfect for us nursing mothers :) Thank you for the fun challenge!

  7. i am looking the postage stamp patchwork! such a great sampling of fabric!

  8. Super Mom! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the pieces/stamps. I like how you laid it out. If you did a patchwork it would be stunningly colorful (in a good way). It's great you still are finding the time to sew and quilt and, in the process, use great fabrics as backdrops for the weekly Ingrid pictures. Also, what a fantastic mug!

  9. hiya lady. i have some time next week so i'll try to give you a call. we meet the lady behind this online and i thought of you with her fabrics. she has new baby too: drygoodsdesignonline.

    she's in ballard.


  10. What's more perfect than a postage stamp quilt? I love that idea! And look at Ingrid - she is growing like a weed. Good mama.