Monday, February 6, 2012

… going forward


i am not a fan of backtracking. i so dislike making mistakes and i get frustrated when i have to undo work. i mean, seriously frustrated.

so here's the good news: i was able to make it to a seattle modern quilt guild meeting recently and it was actually thrilling (thrilling, i tell you!) to catch up with friends and spend several uninterrupted hours sewing. the bad news: the iron that i packed with my sewing supplies somehow leaked onto one of my arkansas traveler blocks and stained the fabric from the ink on the paper. blargh. i am already not a fan of ripping out seams, but let me tell you, ripping out paper-pieced seams is a real nightmare. i did finally get it together enough to fix this little setback, which was almost easier than it should have been and now i'm right back on track. whew!


and, i can't believe it, but i have now finished nine of these blocks and have many sets of diamonds at the ready for more paper piecing. yay!

witch hazel

i also can't believe that it was only a couple of short weeks ago that we had all that snow in seattle. in true seattle february fashion, today it was over 60 degrees and it honestly felt like spring. even a die-hard, rain-loving northwesterner like me was pretty happy to be outside enjoying the bright fresh blueness of it all. and last weekend we took a little family stroll around the arboretum to see their lovely collection of witch hazel. i adore witch hazel both for its lovely scent and for its amazing winter color.

witch hazel

i know, right?!

ingrid + witch hazel

ingrid seems unimpressed, though.

and speaking of ingrid, here's an onslaught of weekly photos. she's killing me with sweetness lately. current interests: grabbing her toes, rolling across the room, babbling and cooing nonstop, splashing in the bath, and chewing on her thumb. i adore this little lady, i really do.

28 weeks

fabric: alexander henry kenyan tea leaf in red

29 weeks

fabric: julia rothman candy trees in black (from the miscellany collection)

30 weeks

fabric: alexander henry fiesta firecracker in natural (from the folklorico collection)

31 weeks

fabric: alice kennedy wavy optical stripe in punch (from the orange crush collection)


  1. i am loving your arkansas traveler blocks - silly me, i hadn't realized that they are all paper pieced. awesome!!

    and hello sweet baby!

  2. bad that it stained, but I'm happy to read that you are able to make progress.

  3. yay for progress and moving forward! i, too, loathe backtracking, in my case, having to unravel knitting/crocheting and redo. not only does witch hazel look beautiful and smell lovely--it's also great as an astringent for your skin, and for mosquito bites.

  4. Ok, these Ingrid pictures seriously distract me from remembering the rest of the post. Baby + fabric, gets me every. That last Wavy print is so fun!

    Oh, and I mailed your Retro Flower blocks today.

    1. thanks, rachel! can't wait to get your blocks. and that wavy print is just crying out to be one of my retro flowers blocks.

  5. That's so frustrating! But I am glad you made some progress finally. And those pictures of your daughter are so darn cute!