Monday, April 30, 2012

… drygoods design

at the drygoods design shop opening

one of my favorite online fabric shops, drygoods design online now has an actual physical store. and in seattle, no less! keli opened her doors about two weeks ago and i dropped in for the opening to celebrate. keli has such a terrific eye for fabrics, and though you definitely get that from her online shop, it's super apparent being in the store. everything just cries out, "i'm pretty! buy me! don't i look great with the fabric right next to me? you should bring that one home, too!"

Gorgeous fabrics and a Figgy's pattern from last night's @drygoodsdesign opening!

so clearly i couldn't leave empty-handed. i picked up some lovely prints and a figgy's pattern that just might have me finally sewing clothing. for ingrid, that is. and since the smallest size is 18 months, that at least gives me some time to figure out how to make it happen.

New block

i contributed this little piece to her display of lovely quilt blocks. she ingeniously stretched them over canvas so they stood alone as works of art decorating the walls. i love that idea.

summersville stack (purchased from drygoods design)

keli even has some summersville in stock, which seems to be hard to find even though it was only released like, what, three seconds ago? i spent the other night ironing the new additions to my fabric stash, sipping on some wine, and dreaming about my next visit to the shop.


  1. gorgeous fabrics! do you know the name of the skyscraper one?

  2. Ah, looks like fun. That's a great idea she has about decorating with stretched blocks. How fun to get to contribute.

  3. I hope I get a chance to visit Drygoods Design when the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild comes down to visit Seattle in August!

  4. Hi Ara Jane, I went to visit Kelli at her new shop in Ballard, thanks to your blog post. It is a sweet shop and Kelli was so kind and helpful. I enjoyed perusing her fabrics and learning about the lines she carries. I look forward to going back and taking my daughter as I think she will like the fabrics Kelli carries.

    Thanks for sharing the information about this great addition to our Seattle shops.