Tuesday, April 17, 2012

… what i'm working on

retro flowers quilt top

primarily this, at the moment. yup, i was finally able to assemble the retro flowers quilt top. christina from the sometimes crafter generously donated her pattern to our charity bee, and i was thrilled to get a chance to try something new and challenging. and, hey look! there is currently a retro flowers quilt along going on, so if you're up for some company in tackling this super pattern, now's the time!

retro flowers quilt top

seeing these sunny, gorgeous blocks from my fellow bee members all together is pretty much warming my heart with their hot, hot glow.

More flowers...

i'm so glad i chose this quilt for my do. good stitches love circle members, because after making two of these blocks myself i know that i would never be able to do a whole quilt all by my lonesome. so much work! it's satisfying, but still. i am lazy, truth be told.

Retro flowers quilt back possibility

i'm still tossing around ideas for the back, this being the general concept for one of them. i set aside two flowers that go perfectly with the backing fabric i picked out. now i'm just unsure if i want to surround them in coordinating solids, or maybe just float them randomly on the back. or nestle them close together? hmmm…

improv chevron blocks

in other do. good stitches news, i made these awesome improv chevron blocks for natalie last month. it's a super fun block based on this tutorial. and don't you love those colors together?

Making polaroid blocks

and just today i got started fussy cutting and framing some polaroid blocks for rachel for the group's april quilt. i've never really been a fan of fussy cutting, but i have to be honest, i'm kind of digging this right now.

i suppose that's the benefit of being in a bee: trying new things and opening yourself to techniques you might now have done before.


  1. that's some seriously good patchwork you're sewing up!!!

  2. your retro flowers quilt looks amazing! i have the fabric all picked out for mine---i just need to start cutting!

  3. oh goodness, i love the flower quilt! so pretty!

  4. I love the retro flower quilt!!!

  5. Wow, this is incredible, I love it so much!

  6. Your retro flowers are gorgeous!

  7. Hey, look - a graffiti polaroid. Love it! I liked the photo of the retro flowers close together on the backing print. Will be fun to see what you figure out =)