Thursday, May 31, 2012

… longarm quilting

Quilting on @samilou01's long arm!

oh my goodness, how fun was this! my friend, sandie, has a longarm machine and i got to go over to her place last night to hang out and do some quilting.

that's the only photo i took while i was there (instagram, no less… i can't seem to remember to bring my camera anywhere these days), but sandie has some photos on her blog of me looking disturbingly serious whilst maneuvering the machine. i swear i was having a blast, even though it looks like i'm at a funeral. quilting is hard work, you guys!

quilting detail on retro flowers quilt

we used this lovely swirl template, which is perfect for the retro flowers quilt. it really highlights the curves and playfulness of the design, no? and i'm so glad i got to quilt this one on a longarm since i knew i could never have achieved anything close to this on my own.

retro flowers quilted

anyhow, i'm sincerely hoping i can make the binding and sew it to the front sometime tomorrow so i can bring some happy handwork to the seattle modern quilt guild meeting this saturday.


  1. oooh, what fun! That's really lovely!

  2. Stunning! Aren't you a very lucky girl to have such well equipped friends...that share!

  3. Wow ooh, looks like fun! I want to befriend a long armer :)

  4. What Theresa and Jo said! I'm super super envious.